Gingo Animation, LLC is an American animation studio owned and operated by NBCUniversal through Gingo. Located in North Hollywood, California, the studio primarily produces and develops animated programs and shorts for Gingo, but has also produced programs for its preschool programming block Gingo Junior and night–time block NightHouse, as well as sibling cable channels NBC, USA Network, and Universal Kids.

The actual animation production is done overseas, mostly Wang Film Productions, Saerom Animation and Rough Draft Studios, with pre-production and post-production being United States-based.


Gingo Animation originated as a television animation division of Multimedia Entertainment that focused on producing original programming for Gingo, including The Toon Hour, Gabriel Garza, Mickey the Wicked and Metro Cone. Following the merger of Gingo's parent, Multimedia with MCA Inc., Multimedia Entertainment was folded into Universal Television, while the Gingo studio was integrated as a separate unit within Universal Cartoon Studios, later known as Universal Television Animation. Animators at Gingo worked on projects based at the Gingo studio, but also assisted in projects based in the Universal Feature Animation studio.

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List of Gingo Animation productions

TV series


Series Creator Years Co-production Notes
The Toon Hour Geo G.
Michael Wildshill
1988–1997 Hanna-Barbera (seasons 1–4) Only Gingo series from the 1980s
Gabriel Garza Geo G. 1991–2002; 2018–present Hanna-Barbera (season 1)
Klasky Csupo (seasons 2–3)
Film Roman (seasons 4–present)
First installment of the Gabriel Garza franchise.
Mickey the Wicked Brad Bird 1992–1994 Amblin Entertainment
Warner Bros. Animation
First and only Gingo/Amblin/Warner Bros. series.
Metro Cone Samuel Merritt 1994–1999
Hatty Steve Samono 1996–2002
Funky Fu! Pop Star Fighter Arlo-Avocha Vernon 1997–2004
The Home Sweet Home of Bluis & Bubblina Wilton Lawrence 1997–2000
Niz Chicoloco Geo G. (characters) 1998–2005 DreamWorks Animation First Gingo series to be based on a video game.
First Gingo series co-produced with DreamWorks.
Puyo Puyo Kazunari Yonemitsu (characters)
Developed by: Geo G.
1999–2000 Second Gingo series to be based on a video game.
GGTV Gingo Animation 1999–present First Gingo sketch show, longest-running Gingo series, and the only Gingo series from the 90s still in production.
Jenny Zoom Samuel Merritt 2001–2004 Third Gingo series to be based on a video game.
Cookie and Cream FromSoftware (characters)
Developed by: Geo G.
2001–2006 Nelvana Fourth Gingo series to be based on a video game.
The Supernova Spies Dave Madson 2002–2004
Planetokio Osamu Sato (characters)
Developed by: Geo G.
2002–2003 Universal Digital Images Fifth Gingo series to be based on a video game.
Critter Mockers Michael Wildshill 2003–2009
Pochacco's Famous Friends Geo G. 2003–2008 First Gingo series to be spun off from a Sanrio character.
The Pandemoniums Henri Dosclz 2004–2011
DreamWorks' Sinbad Patrick Gilmore 2004–2008 DreamWorks Animation Second Gingo series co-produced with DreamWorks.
Limo Dude Terry Ward 2004
Chrysocolla & Sam Michael Wildshill (characters) 2005–2008 Sixth Gingo series to be based on a video game.
Worldwide Animals Dave Madson 2005–2008 Nelvana
Adventures of Zina and the Vivid Crew Geo G.
Steve Oedekerk
2005–2009 O Entertainment
The BJ and Wally Show 2006–2012 Only Gingo series based on the comic strip of the same name.
FusionMania Geo G. 2008–2013
Post-Elementary Chronicles 2010
Primate House Samuel Merritt 2010–2013
Worried Fred 2010–2013
Road Trip Madness 2011
My Dear King Kenneth 2012–2016
Jim-George 2012–2014
The 5 J's in Partnership 2014–2015
Buzz & Russ 2014–2020
Niz Chicoloco (2018) Geo G. 2018–present DreamWorks Animation Television
M.I.S.S.I.O.N (2020) Geo G. 2020–present DreamWorks Animation Television

Universal Kids

Series Creator Years Co-production Notes
Bernard Revamped Jose Luis Ucha Enriquez and Claudio Biern Lliviria (characters) 2018–present Universal Television Animation
BRB Internacional
RG Animation Studios
Reboot of Bernard.

Gingo Junior (preschool shows)

Series Creator Years Co-production Notes
Little Critter Mercer Mayer (books) 1997–2005 Nelvana
David's Friends 2012–present


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Short pilots


Series Episode Creator Year Co-production Notes
Gabriel Garza "The Special Visitor" Geo G. 1989 Hanna-Barbera
Hatty "Wise Weasel" Steve Samono 1994
Niz Chicoloco N/A Geo G. 1995 DreamWorks
TeenV 1996 Originally produced under the Gingo Animation brand. Later released under the Glass Ball Productions label.
Jenny Zoom Samuel Merritt 1998
Puyo Puyo "One Weird Afternoon" Geo G.
The Critter Mockers N/A Michael Wildshill 1999 Re-tooled as Critter Mockers for the series.
It's the Pandemoniums! Henri Dosclz 2000 Re-tooled as The Pandemoniums for the series.
Zina Supermoon "Maximum Power!" Geo G. 2001 O Entertainment
Worldwide Animals N/A Dave Madson 2002
Limo Dude "One Big Trip" Terry Ward 2003
Big Monkey House N/A Samuel Merritt 2008 Re-tooled as Primate House for the series.


Series Creator Year Co-production Notes
Donny Dino Geo G. and Michael Wildshill 1988 Hanna-Barbera
Melee Girl Jim Anderson and Gary Hall 1990
Nitroman Geo G. and Gary Hall 1994 Originally planned spin-off of Gabriel Garza.
Pepper Ann Sue Rose 1995 Fido Dido Studio Failed pilot, but successful for Disney.
Violet Amy McNeill 1996
Chrysocolla: Part-Time Agent Michael Wildshill 1997 Cancelled when Gingo executives found it too violent for children, but later reworked as the more toned-down Chrysocolla & Sam.
Time Squad Dave Wasson 1998 Failed pilot, but successful for Cartoon Network.
Meet Otis Steve Samono
The Weekenders Doug Langdale Failed pilot, but successful for Disney.
Monster Freaks Henri Dosclz
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Maxwell Atoms Failed pilot, but successful for Cartoon Network and became a segment on Grim & Evil before becoming a separate TV series.
Claire Jones Geo G. Originally planned spin-off of Gabriel Garza. A video game was released in March 2000, but the spin-off was never produced for unknown reasons.
Ashley's Point 2001 Aired as part of GGTV.
Kero Kero Keroppi 2002 Mike Young Productions Planned reboot of Keroppi and Friends.
Niz's Dream House 2003 DreamWorks Animation Originally planned spin-off of Niz Chicoloco. Planned for own series, but was cancelled due to being too similar to Disney's House of Mouse.
Shantae N/A 2004 Nelvana Planned TV series based on the video game.
Eris 2005 DreamWorks Animation Originally planned spin-off of Sinbad for an older audience.
Amphibia Matt Braly 2016 N/A Failed pilot, but successful for Disney.

Television films and specials

Title Release date Co-production Notes
A Gabriel Garza Christmas November 16, 1991
Gabriel Goes Hollywood September 11, 1993
Gabriel Gets Spooked October 21, 1995
Hatty: The Untold Story September 25, 1998
The Gabriel Project April 10, 1999
Niz Chicoloco's Christmas Mayhem November 18, 2000 DreamWorks Animation
Hatty's Weasel-tastic Christmas! November 17, 2001
The Jenny Zoom Christmas Hour December 21, 2002
Planetokio: The Madness Isn't Over May 17, 2003 Series finale of Planetokio.
Hatty in the Night of the Living Weasel October 25, 2003
Critter Mockers Save Christmas December 6, 2003
Jenny Zoom: A Conclusion of Confusion April 3, 2004 Series finale of Jenny Zoom.
Critter Mockers: Dude, Where's My Critter? June 15, 2004 First season finale of Critter Mockers.
Niz Chicoloco vs. Eris November 13, 2004 DreamWorks Animation First DreamWorks/Gingo crossover special, featuring characters and elements from both Niz Chicoloco and Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.
Critter Mockers: A Fuzzy Valentine's Day February 13, 2005 Second season finale of Critter Mockers.
The Pandemoniums: Battle Against Time May 27, 2006 Third season finale of The Pandemoniums.
Pandemonium Mockers September 30, 2006 Featuring characters and elements from both The Pandemoniums and Critter Mockers.
Zina's Spooked Future October 21, 2006 O Entertainment
A Critter Mockers Summer Vacation July 15, 2007
BJ and Wally in Christmas Madness December 11, 2008
Adventures of Zina and the Vivid Crew: Home July 18, 2009 O Entertainment Series finale of Adventures of Zina and the Vivid Crew.
The Pandemoniums: Thank You June 21, 2011 Series finale of The Pandemoniums.

Direct-to-video films

Title Release date Co-production Animation service(s)
Mickey the Wicked Witch of the City May 4, 1993 Warner Home Video
Warner Bros. Animation
Amblin Entertainment
Gingo North Hollywood
Gabriel and the Big Hero 6 January 16, 2018 Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
Universal Animation Studios
Universal 1440 Entertainment
Man of Action Studios
Reel FX Creative Studios

Theatrical films

All the films are theatrically distributed by Universal Pictures except Ghost Vision II due to Warner Bros. and Sony retaining ownership for that film and its franchise.

Title Release date Co-production Budget Gross Rotten Tomatoes Metacritic
Hatty in the Big City: The Movie July 2, 1999 $48 million $116.2 million 60% 56
The Gabriel Garza Movie July 31, 2002 $60 million $89.8 million 38% 44
Zina and the Vivid Crew December 17, 2004 O Entertainment $70 million $293.5 million 80% 62
The TeenV Movie July 1, 2005 Glass Ball Productions $74 million $288.3 million 78% 62
The Pandemoniums Movie June 26, 2009 $68 million $170.7 million 78% 65
Agent Chrysocolla March 20, 2020 Illumination $90 million N/A N/A N/A
Ghost Vision II June 18, 2020 Warner Bros. Pictures
Columbia Pictures
Alcon Entertainment
Imagine Entertainment
Untitled Gabriel Garza film May 13, 2022 N/A N/A N/A

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