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Hey, guys, this is Gabriel Garcia/Geoshea2000 again with yet another wiki. This one is dedicated to documenting many fanon projects. Originally, I named this wiki Universal Fanon Wiki, now we decided to merge many fanon wikis, (especially for some forgotten ones), well have fun here.
--Gabriel Garcia/Geoshea2000
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Geoshea2000 Geoshea2000 28 days ago

Huge announcement regarding the FANDOM Ficreation

Attention, everyone still contributing to the FANDOM Ficreation.

All the pages of the FANDOM wiki ar…

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Novusisherelol Novusisherelol 25 August


Ask fandom to delet

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PCSWtheNumber1ToadFan PCSWtheNumber1ToadFan 19 August

My thoughts on the new Fandom layout

Hey guys, this is PCSWtheNumber1ToadFan here. I'm here to share my thoughts on the new Fandom layou…

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Vladivomembrain Vladivomembrain 23 July

New: Admin requirements

Hello, it's Membrain, and i'm here to announce that we now have requirements for being an admin. Th…

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Vladivomembrain Vladivomembrain 23 July

My reasons for leaving.

EDIT: We settled this in my server and I have returned.

EDIT 2: Gabe bullies kids lol

Pretty much the…

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Upside Mystery is a 2007 computer-animated fantasy detective film produced by Spyglass Entertainment and Starz Animation. The film was directed by Vicky Jenson from a script by Michael J. Wilson and stars John Travolta, Christian Slater, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jennifer Saunders. It follows two detectives, Hans Truman and Jason Truder, on a mission to thwart Becky Brutal's plan from affecting Los Vegas with the help of a secret spy agent Stella Lee.

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